OOPS! We don't have an actual menu.. As our assortment oysters varies almost every week, we figured it's easier to tell you on the spot.

Nevertheless, our assortment always consists of several different types of oysters. Think of mild Portugese oysters, sweet Irish oysters, our very own Dutch oysters and extremely rare Japanese oysters. 

The prices of our assortment start from €2,90 per oyster, up to €4,80 per oyster.

The drink menu offers you the exact same amount of options: Cava, Champagne, Peroni beer or a shot of our Dutch Oyester44 Vodka. All perfect to combine with our fresh oysters!

jp oyster bar


At the moment we have a winter break, in the spring we will open again. Don't worry, we ensure that our neighbors, Pipistrello, always have a nice selection of oysters.

Jan Pieter Heijestraat 172, 1054ML Amsterdam  |   +31683971617   |   jpoysterbar@gmail.com